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THE DARK KNIGHT (2009) dir. Christopher Nolan
JOKER (2019) dir. Todd Philips

  • “The shot is a wonderful reversal of ‘The Dark Knight’s’ iconic ‘Cop Car Scene,’ in which Heath Ledger’s Joker turns the tables on his police captors, and escapes custody in a police car, while leaning out the rear window with his head tilted up to the sky, tasting the sweet, wild, freedom of his chaotic malevolence,”

    according to The best part about this reference is that Ledger and Phoenix were actually friends in real life,” “Both found their careers opening up in big ways during the early 2000s, and they knew and respected one another for their respective acting talents. So, this moment from Phoenix in Joker could arguably be seen as a nice, touching ode to his late friend, which would make it all the more sweet.”