5, 16, 20

5, 16, 20

5. A director it took me time to warm up to?:

Ridley Scott.

I’ve always loved Alien, but up until a few years ago, I wasn’t a fan of his work. It wasn’t until I saw Blade Runner that I recognized his talent.

I wouldn’t call him a favorite, but I’ve certainly gained an appreciation for his work.

16. Name a movie that I love that I would recommend to just about everyone?:

The Princess Bride (1987).

I mean, how could not love that movie? It has everything you could ever want in an adventure film: A great sense of humor, swashbuckling, a heartwarming love story, etc. What’s not to love?

20. What genre mash-up would I most love to see that either hasn’t been done yet or hasn’t been done enough?:

I think we need more animated documentaries. It’s a really cool idea that really is done enough.