Movie asks


A. A movie you think is underrated
B. A movie you think is overrated
C. An actor/actress you like who first got famous for something else
D. A TV series you think deserves a movie
E. A silent movie you love
F. A movie you love from your birth year
G. A movie you love from a director you hate
H. A movie you hate from a director you love
I. One movie you love from each continent (Antarctica aside) 
J. A genre you wish was still popular
K. A movie you love from your country
L. A biopic you want to see that hasn’t been done yet
M. A sequel you like better than the original
N. A movie monster you love
O. Traditional animation or CGI?
P. A documentary you love
Q. An artist’s aesthetic you’d like to see in a movie (f.ex. Van Gogh or Picasso)
R. A movie you want to see an all-female version of
S. A movie you’d like to see remade and which director you’d pick
T. A short film you love
U. What historical event is your favorite movie subject
V. A female director you love
W. A role you’d recast and which actor/actress you’d pick
X. A movie you love from this year
Y. A video game you want adapted into a movie
Z. A movie you wish you liked more